Appliqué Flags

The Traditional Way

Our Appliqué flags have great value becuase we still use the traditional way of doing flags.  We take pride in that becuase in this era of technology many things are done faster with digital process but sometimes quality is sacrified but this is not our case.  The applique process requires great skill and involves sewing or appliquéing coloured cloth to the flag to produce the design. Normally the design is traced on to the cloth so that the design appears correctly on the front and in reverse on the back.  Once all the pieces are traced and cut out your flag is sewn together as if it were a puzzle.

3D Designs

Want something more to your flag? We have flags with some dimension.  We have added some padding in the middle of each fabric piece before it is sewn together.  It gives your flag another look. Try it! 

Double-Sided Designs

We are glad to be pioneers in the double-sided appliqué flags.  Many vendors are just catching on that some customers rather display an appliqué flag in their homes.  We count with the experience and quality to satisfy each of your customers' needs.  

  • Readable on both sides

  • Same great quality in the front view and back view.  

Full of Detailing

We put special attention and care to each one of our flags.  

  • Bright Colors and Stitching

  • All weather proof polyester material

  • Long Durability

  • Added embellishments or special threading